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Jeff Morgan Gallery

What to see at the gallery

Whether you are flying in to see the exhibition, or passing through Hawker on your way to the Flinders Ranges, you won’t forget your experience at the Jeff Morgan Gallery. Housed across several large enclosures are Jeff’s huge displays that transport you to a different and place. They include:

* painted panoramas

* rock collections

* model cars

* memorabilia

Paying a small fee at the counter gives you access to the hidden, self-guided tour of the collections.

Before you leave, catch up with us in the gift shop which offers merchandise including: Jeff’s artwork, both original and prints, rock specimens, unique gift/souvenir ideas, Australiana books, Christian books, educational gifts for children, handcrafted jewellery…..

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Take a SELF-GUIDED TOUR (ask in store for prices)

Wilpena Panorama

Arkaroola Panorama

Ron's Creek

Arkaroola Scenes

Cooper Creek Pelicans

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Cars & memorabilia

Jeff Morgan, the artist

Jeff was born in 1956 at Laura, a small country town at the southern end of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. He grew up in nearby Wirrabara Forest where he attended the local primary school and then Gladstone High School showing a keen interest in, and a natural talent for, artwork.

From the time he left school until 1990, Jeff did not draw or paint, but was busy working at the Wirrabara Woods and Forest Department and in his orchard. During this time he also married Miriam, brought up 4 sons, became a licensed painter-decorator and owned a hardware store in Laura.  

In 1990 Jeff experienced a change of direction and developed his skills as a fine artist. Although Jeff did not receive any formal art training, he has studied by reading, visiting art galleries and observing the painting techniques of other artists. 

Jeff went on to become the Artist-in-Residence at Rawnsley Park in the Flinders Ranges for a period of three years. During this time Jeff’s natural ability to paint was further developed, often encouraged in his work by other artists who would visit to paint the Flinders Ranges. Jeff’s preferred painting medium is acrylics. The rugged and dramatic scenery of the Australian outback and the Flinders Ranges continues to inspire Jeff to capture its beauty on canvas in his very unique and detailed style. 

Creating the Wilpena Panorama was a God-given vision, after having viewed a round panorama painting, the work of artist Henk Guth, in Alice Springs (since burnt down). It would be 10 years before Jeff’s panorama building and painting were completed in 2003. With the creation of his panorama, Jeff has become one of a small number of panoramic artists in the world officially recognised by the International Panorama Council (IPC).  

In 2004 Jeff was invited to speak at the 12th International Panorama Conference in New York and has been a guest speaker at several other panorama conferences since. This has given him the opportunity to study the work of other panoramic artists around the world. 

Jeff’s paintings sell worldwide and his detailed depictions of the spectacular outback scenery are well sought after. Visitors from around Australia and overseas have travelled to Hawker especially to see his painting of the Wilpena Panorama. The expansive panorama 3.5 metres (11′) high and 33 metres (98′) in circumference, taking 4,000 hours to complete. He has also painted straight panoramas which are all on display in his art gallery in Hawker, South Australia, along with other original paintings and prints. 

Jeff Morgan has featured in a number of television programmes (Stateline, Postcards, Out of the Ordinary etc.) and in various newspaper articles and radio station interviews,  having been described as a ‘living national treasure!’

In 2017 Jeff completed his second circular panorama, which depicts scenery of the very picturesque  Arkaroola Sanctuary. This work of art which has been painted on one vast piece of canvas, 46 metres in length by 4.5 metres in width, was a mammoth undertaking for one person to have accomplished on his own. Jeff has also physically brought into the area some foreground, immersing the viewer in their own ‘Imax’ experience! Truly breath-taking!

Another panorama experience is currently being undertaken and, on completion, will transport the viewer into an authentic experience of an everyday shearing shed, playing to all of one’s senses, smell and all!

Jeff was very humbled to receive national recognition in 2020 on the presentation of a well deserved OAM for service rendered to the Arts and the Community (bestowed on him by the the Governor of SA, His Excellency Hieu Van Le).

Free Pickup


Free pick up in our 1974 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow or our 1960 Mark 2 , 3.8 Jaguar from Hawker. 

Airport is now available to anyone who flies in to see Jeff’s Panoramas, rock collections, cars and memorabilia.




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